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With or Without U


Inés and Alicia


Friendship, love and loyalty


Marie and Clara


Our hostel in Galway



This is the place where we are going to sleep and eat in the evening


Guillaume and Enzo


Irish food is soooo good !!

The Irish culinary specialities


Now you know about our cooking specialities , we wanted to know more about yours which seem quite mouth-watering . Hope we will have the chance to taste some of these .


Valentin and Lucas


Our school again

Our school


Want to know more about our school … come on … follow the links


Eva and Maelle


Last Year in LonDon !!!

Our London Trip


This is a little summary of our great trip to London . We stayed there 5 days and we really had a good time with stars in the eyes …

Have you been to London yet ?


Julie et Juliette


St Patrick’s day

Saint Patrick


About Dublin

Dear penpal


This is a research our teacher asked us to do . Some symbols from Dublin .


Charline and Anna



Bram Stoker



Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and we had to read it during the summer holidays . See what we learnt anout this writer

Marion and Sydney


Our traditions

Présentation 11

We know Irish have great traditions so we intend to make you discover some of ours especially through different costumes . Hope you will like it .


Angèle and Hugo


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