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Our trip to Ireland !!

Schedule of our trip


Can’t wait to leave now !!!! See what we will do !!

Marie and Clara


Yummy !!!


Come and discover now all the delicious dishes we love in our region : The Provence

You may want to taste some of them


Angèle and Hugo


This is what we do …. do do do do

Our  School


Now discover what we can do in our school … there are some photos … come on in !!!


Inés and Alicia


Lasalle St Charles …

Our School


Who’ s who in our school … The best teachers in the world are here ^^’

Have a click


Hugo and Angèle


Our town …


Open the file and discover our city … You may be surprised


Dia duit !!!!!! Fàilte !!!

Hi there !!

Welcome to our blog « The Amazing Euros » . we are inviting you to take part of our lives and share our captivating activities.

here, you’ll see all the things we have done since last year and react about this.

The concept is simple we are going to tell our daily adventures.

We’re never bored in the Euro class ! Photos, news, videos and many other stuffs …

You’ll become our insider !!


Julie and Juliette


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